Off Site Swingers Clubs

In the early days of the internet off site swingers clubs became popular this was where a event would be held usually at a bar for the swingers to meet up but then they would leave the establishment to swing. People would meet through Yahoo Groups or similar and these groups would have monthly or sometimes twice monthly meet ups.

The meet up would usually be in a bar or at least a restaurant that had a bar during regular business hours while the place was open to the public. The owners of the business would most likely know of the swingers having a meet up there and were either fine with it or at least turn a blind eye to it.

The bars or restaurant owners would welcome the extra business and as long the meet ups were low key it wouldn’t be an issue. On the meet up nights people would talk to each other and then leave to go swing away from the business, no sexual activity was allowed at the events.

The swingers online groups would often have names would often have names like coffee club or coffee mates to avoid too much attention from Yahoo or Google and you would have to apply to join.

Yes off-site swingers clubs do still exist although they are much less common as the internet and apps have made them less needed. Now you can join a site such as our main sponsor Swingers Lifestyle Community or an online app and, find who you like locally looking at their photos as well as talk to them before you either side meets.

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