Relationships And Swinging

One quote I once heard in swinging was that swinging will make a relationship better, I don’t think that’s true; swinging might make a good relationship better in some cases but it will also make a bad relationship worse or even end it.

If you are talking about one on one sex then the two people just have to be in to each other. It gets more complicated if a couple is swinging with another couple; then its not just you being in to who you swing with but also your partner has to be in to their swing partner.

You might be at a swing party and see someone you would like to swing with but if your partner isn’t in to them or who they are with it doesn’t matter. You should never pressure your partner in to an experience both of you should be in to it and want to enjoy together.

Beautiful young couple hugging on the beachPressuring your partner in to getting involved in swinging will never work out well they will resent you and most likely not have a good experience. If as a couple you have maybe talked about bringing others in to your sexual relationship before or have experimented with that them maybe a discussion about swinging might be fine.

If you have never experimented sexually with another in your relationship then beginning by jumping right in at a swing party would most likely not be good i would suggest bringing in a third or privately with another couple as a first step.

Most of the time its the man that initializes a couple in swinging but usually it’s the woman that keeps the couple in swinging. You would think that couples that swing regularly have others couples that they play with often, but thats not always the case as because if you are intimate with the same people outside your relationship often then feelings can form.

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