What Is Swinging?

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We should start off by explaining what swinging is it goes by other names such as partner swapping, wife swapping etc but its where couple in a committed relationship have sexual activity with another couple, single or more.

Swinging could be a couple just experimenting an occasional thing or an on going lifestyle in an open relationship it depends on the couple. Swinging has most likely gone on throughout history but in more modern times it became more well known during the 1960’s with the sexual revolution and in the 1970’s with key parties.

Key parties were where couples meet in a house and as they entered they would put their car keys in some kind of a bowl as they enter the house. Everyone would mingle and after the last couple arrived half the couples would without looking grab a set of keys other than their own out of the bowl. The couple who belonged to the keys you grabbed would be the one you would swing with that night either onsite or elsewhere.

Generally in swinging today both couples would meet and see if they are interested in going further there has to be an attraction there and generally both partners have to agree. I wasn’t around during the height of key parties but to me would seem strange letting fate decide and then maybe hooking up with a couple that might not be fully compatible.

Swinging became more known during this time because of a more openness towards sex but also because of things such as more women in the workplace and especially availability of the birth control pill.


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